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 We Аre The Fallen 
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Мнение We Аre The Fallen
We are The Fallen


We are The Fallen е група, състояща се от участничката в American Idol Carly Smithson,Marty O'Brien, и бившите членове на Evanescence - Ben Moody, Rocky Gray, и John LeCompt. Групата планира турне по театрите в САЩ, като се започне през септември 2009.името на Групата не е само алюзия за албума на Evanescence, Fallen, но е също така за да играе ролята на движение за групата и нейните фенове който да си сътрудничат и оценяват музиката в която имат общ интерес.

В интервю с Лос Анджелис Таймс , китаристът Ben Moody каза, че We Are The Fallen се различава от по-Evanescence, че "всички са равни", и че тя е "повече енергия, отколкото Evanescence може да отдаде . Вместо да се пусне албум на групата ще пусне няколко песни на всеки осем седмици в продължение на година и половина.

На 22 юни, 2009 г., феновете могат да се регистрира в групата на официалния уебсайт за да получите безплатно сваляне на първия им сингъл, "да ме погребеш жив." Само първите 100000 регистрирани квалифицират за изтегляне. Според групата чрез видео в MySpace , в отговор на свободно изтегляне е "огромна". Песента беше предоставена чрез потока на тяхната MySpace страница, докато се работи за изпращане на електронни писма до тези, които квалифицирали.

* Carly Smithson — Вокал
* Ben Moody — Китара
* Rocky Gray — Барабани
* John LeCompt — Китара
* Marty O'Brien — Бас
Сингъли :
2009 "Bury Me Alive"

My space : http://www.myspace.com/wearethefallen
Официална страница : http://wearethefallen.com
Официална фен зона : http://wearethefallenfans.com

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Universal Republic Records Signs New Rock Band We Are the Fallen

Ex-Evanescence Members Join Up With American Idol Vocalist Carly Smithson
NEW YORK--(Business Wire)--
Universal Republic Records has signed new rock group We Are The Fallen, it was
announced today by Monte Lipman, President and CEO of Universal Republic
Records. The new band is comprised of the original members of multiplatinum
trailblazing band Evanescence, guitarists Ben Moody and John LeCompt along with
drummer Rocky Gray, with enigmatic American Idol finalist Carly Smithson
powering the vocal reins of the new group. Respected touring and studio bassist
Marty O`Brien (Disturbed and Static-X, among others) rounds out the iconic

"We Are The Fallen represents a bold new musical turning point and we`re
thrilled to be able to deliver their music to audiences hungering for their
brand of passion," stated Lipman. "The combined elements of this band are a
force to be reckoned with, and the entire company joins me in welcoming them to
Universal Republic Records."

Former Evanescence guitarist and co-songwriter Ben Moody also commented: "Carly,
John, Rocky, Marty and I have been sequestered for a number of months to deliver
a body of work that is going to stand the test of time. Collectively, we are
thrilled to be in the very capable hands of Monte (Lipman), Avery (Lipman), and
Tom (Mackay), as well as every individual at Universal Republic Records. We
cannot wait to unleash our creativity in the new year."

Carly Smithson stated: "The chemistry in this band has made for some incredible
music. We are all so grateful for this amazing opportunity and thank our fans
for the strong love and support they are already showing us in this early stage.
We look forward to working closely now with our new family at Universal Republic
Records to bring our music to as many people as possible."

The group is currently recording their debut album for Universal Republic in Los
Angeles and expect to release it in early 2010.

The energetic creative engine behind the launch of Evanescence, Moody and the
other members of We Are The Fallen found a true partner in Smithson, who always
envisioned a band environment as her dream move following Idol. Moody, who left
the platinum-plus breakthrough metal act in 2003, has since co-written major
hits for Chris Daughtry and Kelly Clarkson among others. Evanescence`s
groundbreaking 2003 album, Fallen, spent an incredible 43 weeks on the Billboard
Top Ten Albums Chart, selling 15 million copies worldwide, and 7 million albums
in the U.S. alone.

Carly Smithson was a sixth place finisher during Season 7 of the landmark
television series American Idol, duly recognized for having one of the hit shows
most loyal fan bases. The fiery singer`s `elimination` sent shockwaves through
the `Idol` blogger nation, with a critic for Entertainment Weekly even calling
her dismissal `an embarrassing lapse in judgment.` Her acclaimed performances on
the 2008 American Idol Tour confirmed her stature as a preeminent female rock

Check in with We Are The Fallen at their website, www.wearethefallen.com.

For more information about the band:
Universal Republic Records
Jay Wilson, 212-373-0684

Copyright Business Wire 2009

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Не могат да сменят Ейми с тази айдълка :) сори

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Мнение Re: We Аre The Fallen
На кратко : първи сингал Bury Me Alive (BMA) и турне заедно със HIM

Debut Single, released on Feb 2nd !

Ex-Evanescence Members And American Idol Vocalist
Carly Smithson Comprise Vital New Rock Fivesome

Band's First U.S. Tour Kicks Off With H.I.M. On March 26th

(New York, NY) Universal Republic Records' We Are The Fallen, one of rock's most buzzed about new groups, will unleash their first single, "Bury Me Alive," exclusively via the digital domain on February 2nd. The iconic fivesome is comprised of the original members of multiplatinum trailblazing band Evanescence, guitarists Ben Moody and John LeCompt along with drummer Rocky Gray, joined by charismatic American Idol finalist Carly Smithson on vocals. Acclaimed bassist Marty O’Brien (Disturbed and Static-X, among others) rounds out We Are The Fallen's unique sound.

The group is already preparing to give fans a live taste of the reportoire fueling their upcoming Universal Republic debut album, due out later in the year - hitting the road in support of Finnish rock stalwarts H.I.M. The extensive, 28 city tour launches in Philadelphia, PA, on March 27th, hurtling through multiple major cities such as Boston, MA, on March 28th, Cleveland, OH, on April 1st, Chicago IL, on April 9th, Los Angeles, CA, on April 23rd, and winding down in New York City on May 7th.

Guitarist Ben Moody has been publicly crediting the group's unique chemistry as the driving force behind We Are The Fallen, describing Carly Smithson's role as a 'true partner,' and a key component to We Are The Fallen's overall sound. Moody left the platinum-plus breakthrough rock act Evanesence in 2003, and has since co-written major hits for Chris Daughtry and Kelly Clarkson among others. Evanescence’s groundbreaking 2003 album, Fallen, spent an incredible 43 weeks on the Billboard Top Ten Albums Chart, selling 15 million copies worldwide, and 7 million + albums in the U.S. alone.

For Smithson, We Are The Fallen completes her dream - after exiting American Idol - of becoming a creative force in a 'vital' band environment. Carly Smithson was a sixth place finisher during Season 7 of the landmark television series American Idol, duly recognized for having one of the hit shows most loyal fan bases. The fiery singer’s ‘elimination’ sent shockwaves through the ‘Idol’ blogger nation, with her acclaimed performances on the 2008 American Idol Tour cementing her current reputation as one of rock's most formidable female voices.

U.S. tour dates w/ H.I.M:

3/26/10 The Fillmore Phillidelphia, PA
3/27/10 Sonar Baltimore, MD
3/28/10 House of Blues Boston, MA
4/1/10 House of Blues Cleveland, OH
4/2/10 Clutch Cargo Ponitac, MI
4/3/10 Bogart’s Cincinnati, OH
4/7/10 The Pageant St. Louis, MO
4/9/10 House of Blues Chicago, IL
4/10/10 The Rave Milwaukee, WI
4/17/10 The Showbox Seattle, WA
4/18/10 Roseland Theatre Portland, OR
4/20/10 The Regency Ballroom San Francisco, CA
4/21/10 House of Blues Anaheim, CA
4/23/10 The Wiltern LG Los Angeles, CA
4/24/10 House of Blues Las Vegas, NV
4/25/10 House of Blues San Diego, CA
4/27/10 Gothic Theatre Englewood, CO
4/29/10 House of Blues Dallas, TX
4/30/10 House of Blues Houston, TX
5/2/10 House of Blues Orlando, FL
5/3/10 Center Stage Atlanta, GA
5/4/10 House Of Blues North Myrtle Beach, SC
5/7/10 Irving Plaza New York, NY


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Мнение Re: We Аre The Fallen
акустичната версия нa BMA може да свалите безплатно от тук (трябва ви само меиъл)

и още една новина Първата официална сценична изява на групата ще се състой
на 23/03/2010 в Лондон, Англия пре сеил на билетите вече започна
http://www.livenation.co.uk/event/11843 ... en-tickets

интервю с групата
http://www.shockhound.com/videos/884-ev ... the-fallen

сингъла е в продажба който го иска
http://www.amazon.com/Bury-Me-Alive/dp/ ... 975&sr=8-1

оле за малко да забравя

Mark your calendars, because on February 8th, some cool things are going to happen!

First, we're going to unveil a new site layout! We had planned on doing this a couple of months ago, but we wanted to get more of a feel for the band before we went ahead and changed anything. We're excited for you guys to see it!

Also, we're going to give the chat another try. We're going to re-open a different, non-IRC version for a month and see what happens. If within that month things go well, it may stick around, otherwise we'll be getting rid of it for good.

We also have some more stuff up our sleeves that will be announced around the start of the tour, so stay tuned for that announcement as well!



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Мнение Re: We Аre The Fallen
Интервю с марти

Marty O’Brien (no relation to CoCo) went from being a hit man bassist with bands like Static X, to being the foundation of a powerful band called “We Are The Fallen”. A kid of modest upbringing, he not only bought his own bass, but he taught himself how to play. It’s that kind of love, passion, and energy that makes him the final piece of a puzzle that had been being assembled since 2003. He sat down and talked to me about We Are The Fallen’s debut album Tear The World Down, what it’s like to go from being a hired gun to being part of a unit, and what he thinks about the misconceptions people have about their singer, American Idol’s Carly Smithson.

You have played with huge acts like Static X and Disturbed, did you have a favorite? Also being a journeyman bassist extraordinaire, what’s it like going from being a hired gun to being part of a unit full time?

I get asked that (first question) a lot and I can’t really decide you know? It’s like, like some of the tours were more fun in terms of just hanging out and some of the tours were more fun because like some of the music was more fun to play, but I can’t really decide. I’m just really fortunate that all of the bands I got to tour with were just super cool, ya know? I mean, you live in close quarters with these people for a long time, so I just feel super lucky to be paired up with some really great people and that they were so cool and nice to me. They were all good experiences THANK GOD! *laughs* But now, for once I’m actually part of something, you know, like 100%. We all have our own input and creativity and everything so it’s really good.

What’s it like to work with a guy like Ben Moody who is one of the more prolific song writers of at least the last decade? I mean the guy seems to be able to pull these great songs with these monster hooks out of nowhere just one after another after another.

It’s kinda funny that you should say that because we’re really good friends and we’ve been hanging out, actually right after he left Evanescence he and I started working together and we met right around that time. I met him and we started working together for the last 6 years I guess. But we actually hang out more than we work together. It’s kind of funny though. You forget about some of the bigger stuff he’s done you know, just hanging out with him. But it’s kind of funny, he (Ben) is just one of those guys who can sit down at a piano or pick up a guitar and he can just be fooling around on some little thing and you can turn around 10 minutes later and it’s like “Oh my god, that’s a hit song!” He just wrote a hit song in 10 minutes right in front of me! It’s like God, I hate guys like that! *laughs* But no he’s a great guy and he’s great to be around. But you listen to him playing with these things and what you don’t know is that he’s layering things and then he pulls the headphones jack and you hear it and go “he just wrote a hit song in 10 minutes!”

So you met Ben, became friends, and when time came he said “Hey ya want in my new band?”

Ben hadn’t even become like a producer yet. He left Evanescence, came out to LA , and he was recording a solo song for the Punisher movie soundtrack because he was still on Wind Up records and they asked him to record a song for the Punisher movie. So since we had just met, he knew I was like a studio and recording bassist and he was like “Hey, you wanna come over here and play on this song?” So I played on that one song. And then the next thing you know, like a couple weeks later, he was like “Hey, I’m workin’ with this girl named Kelly Clarkson. You want to come and play on these demos I’m writing?” So we’ve always been working together like that. Then, when this band thing came along, we all decided to do it together. So I kinda had to put the studio career aside you know, because once you leave LA and you’re not that guy that’s there in town all the time, you lose out.”

Since you’ve been a studio bassist for so long, when Jason Newstead left Metallica, did you have aspirations to join or at least try out for the vacancy?

I did. I was actually putting a few words in, this is actually a cool story. I had a couple “ins”. I knew a couple people who knew some of the guys (in Metallica), you know they’d been working on the crew or something, so I was kind of hoping they’d recommend my name for the gig. After they had already picked Rob (Trujilo), someone I know had been in their studio and told me that they had like this big dry erase board in the studio. And they had an “A” list and a “B” list of guys to audition. And it was like maybe 5 guys on the “A” list and 5 guys on the “B” list. Most of them we’re their friends to audition. And somebody, I don’t know who it was, but somebody had printed out my bio and like a picture of me from my website (http://www.marty-obrien.com/) and apparently it was stuck on the wall right next to the “A” and “B” list. So I guess I was on the “C” list!! *laughs*

Now a little bit about We Are The Fallen. A lot of people in the press have said that the name of the band is an allusion to the past of Ben Moody and the other members of the band, to the Evanescence song “Fallen”. Is that true or does the name mean something else?

I think Ben (Moody) and the guys (guitarist John LeCompt and drummer Rocky Gray) always liked the word “fallen”. But it, “We Are The Fallen”, was kind of a recommendation of a friend of ours. It wasn’t so much a nod to the past as much as it was that every member of this band, we’ve all been in other projects that have “fallen” apart, or failed, or we had some kind of success that slipped through our fingers. So we all felt like the underdog that was trying to say something big. We wanted to create something bigger than anyone could have imagined. To me, the name stands for “We Are The Fallen” members of other projects, or bands, or something that slipped through our fingers.

When I first saw that Carly (Smithson) was your singer I thought to myself “What the hell are they doing? She’s from American idol!” Because I don’t really watch that show, and I don’t really like that show, like AT ALL. So what kind of misconceptions have you or has she had to fight through with that rather large “storm cloud” hanging over her?

If anyone is skeptical, I suggest they just go to a live show because she does NOT look like some American Idol girl trying to be in a rock band. That’s one of the things that surprised the hell out of me was I had never heard of her either before she came down and someone asked us to check her out and you look on YouTube and all you see are these American Idol clips and stuff like that. But if anyone thinks that she came down and we tried to turn this “American Idol” girl into a “rock girl” it’s like completely wrong. The first day she came down to hang out with us, she was wearing an Iron Maiden shirt! What’s funny is , we do an Iron Maiden song in our set live, we do “Flight Of Icarus”. We also did a cover of Madonna’s “Like A Prayer”. It was originally going to be on the album, but it’ll probably be like a bonus track or be released on a soundtrack or something. But the funny thing this, you’d thing she (Carly) being an AI girl would have recommended the Madonna song and that we were the rock guys and that we wanted to play the “Flight Of Icarus”. But ever since she came down, she’d been saying how she wants to cover “Flight Of Icarus”, and the Madonna idea was Ben’s idea.

As far as stage performance goes, I thought it was going to take us at least a couple of months to hit our stride as like an “arena band” ya know? But you could tell that within the first couple of shows, that Carly was embracing the whole “power of a rock concert”. It just encompasses her whole being when she’s up there on stage. About like three shows in and I’m looking out of the corner of my eye, and I see her just kinda on stage doin' her thing and I’m like “Oh my god, who is this!?” She just has this amazing stage presence, ya know? So any misconceptions, one song into our set and her performance kind of speaks for itself.

What are your favorite songs on Tear The World Down?

I keep going back and forth…..uh…”Burn” is definitely one of my favorites. Probably “Burn”, “Tear The World Down”, and “St. John” are my favorites. And the song “I Will Save” I think that one kind of sticks out as being a little different. But one of the cool things about our label is…Sometimes your play your album for your label and they say “We just don’t think you have the single yet.” And when we played the demos for the label they were just flippin out because they were like “We hear 5 or 6 singles” and they were like “We have a problem. And the problem is, you know PICKING A SINGLE!!” That’s always a great thing to hear. But were all just really proud of the album, a lot of really great things were captured on the album.

Do you have anything to say to your fans?

Buy the album, Tear The World Down, May 11th!! And just come to the shows *laughs* that’s it!

Първата и вотрата серия от видиео блога на групата Invasion of Personal Space
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDHqGXysM_w - Карли
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwQV6vxpVik - Бен

а това е St.John


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