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Автор:  aiwara [ Сря - 05 Дек 2007, 11:34 ]
Заглавие:  Kyuss

Kyuss (pronounced [ki-uss] rhymes with bias) is the corner stone of the genre known to many as stoner rock. Their sound is quite unique and generally noted for Homme's guitar always being tuned to a low C tuning. This tuning is a major third below standard pitch.

The band was originally formed in 1989 in Palm Desert, California under the name, Sons of Kyuss. They took the name from a monster in Dungeons and Dragons. Shortly after the release of their self-titled EP, the name was shortened to just Kyuss.

The quartet gained popularity around the desert due to their famous generator parties. These were parties fueled by gas generators in the canyons and isolated desert surrounding the small valley towns.

The group disbanded in 1997. The group felt that they were in a decline and felt it best to call it quits before it escalated into something that could not be fixed. The line up had shifted dramatically between 1989 and 1997. Josh Homme, John Garcia, Brant Bjork, and Chris Cockrell were the original members. Chris was replaced by Nick Oliveri during high school. That line up recorded Wretch and Blues for the Red Sun, after which Nick soon left. The eight year older, but very able Scott Reeder from The Obsessed was brought in. This line up recorded the famous Welcome to Sky Valley (A small town outside of Palm Desert). Brank Bjork left after this due to personal reasons. Alfredo Hernandez was brought in. The final line-up recorded ...And the Circus Leaves Town. The band toured and soon disbanded.

One final Greatest Hits CD was released titled, Muchas Gracias: The best of Kyuss.

All band members still influence the genre they helped create. The most notable is Queens of the Stone Age. Josh Homme, Nick Oliveri, and Alfredo Hernandez started this up after Josh had experimented with his famous Desert Sessions.

John Garcia took a path geared more towards traditional rock. He opened with Slo Burn. It was a harder Kyuss, and still played in drop C. That project did not last for over a year, although one EP was released. Following Slo Burn came Unida. This band was steered toward rock n' roll and away from the stoner rock genre. John has most recently been involved with the band Hermano.

Scott Reeder played in Unida for a little bit. Finally we find John Garcia in Hermano. Many consider this the greatest post-Kyuss project.

Nick Oliveri also has created waves in the music world. Apart from playing for years in Queens of the Stone Age he has played on and off in Dwarves. He is most known for his side project Mondo Generator. Scott Reeder pursued a career of producing mainly (most notably Orange Goblin's Coup de Grace). Just this past year he released a solo album called Tunnelvision Brilliance.

Brant Bjork has had the most stable musical career of them all. He turned down playing with Queens of the Stone Age to pursue a journey with his surfing buddies, Fu Manchu. He left after making numerous records with them to focus on his already blossoming solo career, playing the guitar instead of drums. He has worked with many people since, releasing records as Che, touring as Brant Bjork and The Operators, Brant Bjork and the Bros, and occasionally playing drums as well. Brant Bjork also played on some Desert Sessions.

Alfredo Henandez has guest starred on too many CDs and bands to count. Some include Yawning Man, Orquestra Del Desierto, Fatso Jetson, and many others. He also played in a local band located in Palm Desert.

A big influence on the sound of Kyuss is Chris Goss (frontman of Masters of Reality), who produced Blues for the Red Sun, and everything that follows.

* Sons of Kyuss (1990)
* Wretch (1991)
* Blues for the Red Sun (1992)
* Welcome to Sky Valley (1994)
* ...And the Circus Leaves Town (1995)
* Kyuss/Queens of the Stone Age (1997, split EP)
* Muchas Gracias: The Best of Kyuss (2000, compilation)

Автор:  Killjoy [ Сря - 18 Фев 2009, 00:57 ]

Еее, толкоз много фенове на стоунъра и никой не е уважил пионерите! :) Аз лично имам и съм слушал само Blues For The Red Sun, много ме кефи и ще си потърся и другите неща :)

Автор:  aiwara [ Сря - 18 Фев 2009, 01:35 ]

Брех, най-после някой да пише в темата! :lol:

Автор:  hundred [ Сря - 18 Фев 2009, 03:53 ]

Защо трябва да пиша, ти не слушаш ли Джунглата - One Inch Man и Green Machine кой мислиш, че ги поръчва там? :lol: :lol: :lol: Албумът Welcome to Sky Valley е най-допадащата ми психеделия. Поздрав с Gardenia, която слушам в момента!\m/\m/\m/
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1aAdYpv7 ... re=related :D :D :D
Жалко, че бандата се е разпаднала, но аз слушам с удоволствие и другите стонър-величини, където музикантите от Kyuss творят - Fu Manchu, Hermano, Unida, QUOTSA, Slo Burn. \m/\m/\m/

Автор:  alexinchains [ Сря - 18 Фев 2009, 12:18 ]

aiwara, приятелю, аригато годзаимассс за темата!!! \m/

както казваха подписите, които имахме с другаря шомпул:

Member of KYUSS Movers Inc.
We specialize in very long trips...


...if I can't be my own, I'd feel better dead...

Автор:  MechaBanitsa [ Нед - 31 Май 2009, 17:22 ]

Ха така, доста стоунър фенове сме се събрали :) Kyuss са митична група, каквото и друго да се каже ще е излишно.
Вижте това - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chI9Qefto5w. Интересно ще е филмчето.

Автор:  aiwara [ Нед - 31 Май 2009, 17:46 ]

MechaBanitsa написа:
Ха така, доста стоунър фенове сме се събрали :) Kyuss са митична група, каквото и друго да се каже ще е излишно.
Вижте това - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chI9Qefto5w. Интересно ще е филмчето.
The URL contained a malformed video ID.
oправи линка

Автор:  MechaBanitsa [ Нед - 31 Май 2009, 17:53 ]


Сори, бях сложил точка накрая

Автор:  Ofluk [ Пон - 01 Юни 2009, 07:16 ]

Killjoy написа:
Еее, толкоз много фенове на стоунъра и никой не е уважил пионерите! :) Аз лично имам и съм слушал само Blues For The Red Sun, много ме кефи и ще си потърся и другите неща :)

не го очаквах от теб :) да чуеш Welcome to Sky Valley и And the Circus Leaves Town незабавно!

Автор:  Killjoy [ Чет - 25 Мар 2010, 16:05 ]
Заглавие:  Re: Kyuss

Garcia ще свири в гърция това лято

Автор:  Miranda R [ Чет - 25 Мар 2010, 19:07 ]
Заглавие:  Re: Kyuss

:mrgreen: Напушена като кирка гащеризонна бригада за:

Дълбоко сондиране на нефтени и газови находища със скалоразрушаващи инструменти в режим на роторно сондиране, промиване с двойнодействаща бутална помпа със свръх-производителност и хидростатично налягане, спускане на обсадни колони и перфориране със сондажен лост, циментиране на сондаж чрез херметизиране на устието на сондажа, експлоатация и дрениране на нефтени и газови залежи. :wink: :lol:

Тор 10 сондажа: :big_grin:

Hwy'74 (Beginning of What's About to Happen)
The Law
50 Million Year Trip
One Inch Man
El Rodeo
Space Cadet
Green Machinе
Into the Void - Sabbath Cover

Автор:  Gross [ Пет - 25 Юни 2010, 18:23 ]
Заглавие:  Re: Kyuss

Тепърва се запознавам с тях, но съм адски впечатлен! Josh Homme е легенда!!! :)

Автор:  dragon_shinobi [ Сря - 14 Юли 2010, 16:24 ]
Заглавие:  Re: Kyuss

Май това трябва да е нещо като обща тема за стоунъра, тъй като не виждам другаде нещо свързано с този стил. Относно Kyuss - емблематична група за стила, с уникално звучене, доста по-различни са от по-голямата част стоунър групи. Най - добър албум Blues for the Red Sun - лично мнение.
От това което съм слушала досега, няма нещо в което да е замесен John Garcia и то да е слабо.

Автор:  aiwara [ Чет - 22 Юли 2010, 00:27 ]
Заглавие:  Re: Kyuss

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lunsVsqt ... re=related

Автор:  perpetualpusher [ Сря - 28 Юли 2010, 22:39 ]
Заглавие:  Re: Kyuss

Предлагам Whitewater за нобелова награда! :mrgreen:

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